USP Parents - Student Handbook

Welcome to United School of Panama (USP), Home of the Grizzlies! The USP Parent- Student Handbook serves as a reference to familiarize students and families with school rules, procedures and expectations designed to support students in the pursuit of academic success, and a positive and productive life. It is our hope that many of the questions that may arise will be answered here.

Please take the time to read this handbook as it contains critical information that will help you and your child settle into school. We hope you find this handbook useful and informative.

Sections included in this handbook are:

1. Our School
2. Our Program
3. Institutional Policies and Procedures
4. Practical Information
5. Spirit and School Culture

Changes in these policy regulations will be available to parents and students following their adoption and will be included in the Parent-Student Handbook of the subsequent school year. This handbook may contain summaries and general overviews.

Policy changes or modifications are within the sole discretion of the school, acting through the Board of Directors.
Each member of the school community is responsible for reading and complying with these policies and procedures.