USP Parents - Student Handbook


3.02 Detention Policy

Detention is given to students in accordance with USP Code of Conduct as a consequence to address inappropriate student behavior. Detention, applied as close as possible to the day of the breach of discipline, allows the school to provide timely support to the student to assist them to achieve the desired behavior and to help the student to catch up on any work missed as a result of the breach.

At USP, detentions can be applied:
• During school hours at the discretion of the academic coordinator; or
• After school hours on a designated school day as approved by the Academic Director.
Only the Academic Coordinator with the approval of the Academic Director may place a student In School or After School Detention.

In School Detentions

ISD are to take place in a classroom at either recess or during class hours at the discretion of the coordinator. Depending on the situation the length of the detention may be determined.

After School Detentions

ASD will be issued on weekdays for a maximum of 60 minutes duration from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

During ISD and ASD, students will be fully supervised and will be required to complete a task or assignment. This includes a reflection sheet specific to the behavior they have demonstrated to warrant the detention. Other activities students may be asked to complete include work provided by subject teachers and school service. Depending on the situation, detention may be for more than one day.

Protocols for After School Detentions

If the detention is to be undertaken outside of school hours, the following procedures will apply:

  • Parents will be notified of the proposed detention at least 24 hours before the detention is scheduled to occur
  • Parents will be informed in writing of:
    -Location, times and duration of the detention; and
    -Their responsibility to come personally to pick up their son/daughter at USP.
  • All After School detentions will be recorded in SEDUCA. Until a parent can be notified, the after school detention cannot take place. 

Academic Administrators referring students to After School Detention should follow the process as outlined below: