USP Parents - Student Handbook


3.17 Pick up / Drop off Procedures

Drop Off

Parents/guardians who are coming to drop off students must enter school premises through the security gate between 7:30-7:50. Parents/guardians must have a specific purpose to stay on school campus for extended periods of time; i.e. supporting a school activity/association. We encourage and ask parents/guardians to schedule an appointment with the required department in advance. Parents who need to remain on campus after they drop off their children must follow the established procedures for visitors (shown below).

There is only one student drop off point which is located inside the premise by the USP Administration Office. For security reasons, the Main school entrance will remain closed at all times.

To control unauthorized vehicle access, parking gates close at 8:00am and reopen at 3:00pm from Monday – Thursday. Fridays gates close at 1:40pm.

Pick Up

During campus dismissal (3:10 – 3:30 Monday – Thursday, 1:20 – 1:40 on Fridays and 4:30 – 4:50 for afterschool ECA) parents/guardians are permitted to pick up their children at the drop-off point specified above.

For all other reasons, parents/guardians who are coming to pick up students during school hours must enter the security gate, park in an assigned parking spot, and wait for their child(ren) at the administration office.

We respectfully ask parents to drop off and pick up their children in the assigned hours since our faculty and staff follow a specific schedule and the school gate must close. No children must or will be left unattended.

Students riding the school bus

Drop off and pick up areas will be designated in the parking lot. Student drop off and pick up will be supervised by USP staff at all times. Students will be directed to their respective areas as they arrive and departure. Payment, times and trip details must be coordinated directly with the school bus company.

Students walking to school

Students walking to school will enter though the main entrance and must walk along the walkway to the designated drop off and pick up area on the left side of the school.  Parents/ guardians walking with their children must accompany them to this area.  Under no circumstance should students walk to school without adult supervision. USP is not responsible for the children until they are handed to our staff at the designated drop off area.

For pick up, parents/guardians or any authorized person(s) should wait for the student(s) in the designated pick-up area.