USP Parents - Student Handbook


3.08 Theme Dress Day Guidelines

At USP, we believe that theme days foster a positive shared experience and promote a sense of community among students. By giving students a break from their usual routine and the opportunity to dress up, we keep them engaged and involved throughout the school day. Although Theme Dress Days are fun, they are still regular school days.

To ensure a successful and enjoyable Theme Dress Day, students must adhere to the following dress code guidelines:

  • Shorts are permitted but must be mid-thigh length (with hems reaching the tips of the fingers when arms are by your side).
  • Shirts must have sleeves, a modest neckline, and extend past the waist. No singlet tops, tank tops, tube tops, bare-shouldered shirts, or midriff tops are allowed. Slogans and words should be in line with the school’s ethos.
  • Clothing items with rips or holes are not allowed.
  • Theme Dress Day attire must correspond with the designated theme.
  • Shoes must meet regular school requirements, covering the entire foot. Sandals, backless shoes, and thongs are prohibited.
  • Jewelry must adhere to the uniform dress code and policy.
  • Hair must be tied up if it touches the collar or falls across the student’s face, as per normal uniform requirements.

Students dressed inappropriately for Theme Dress Day will be required to wait in the school administrative office until a parent can provide suitable clothing.
If preferred, students may wear their school uniform, following the uniform dress code and policy.