USP Parents - Student Handbook


3.13 USP Communication Policy


Effective communication is central to our everyday lives. The ability for our school community (students, parents, teachers and staff) to communicate clearly in a wide range of settings and using diverse media is vital in today’s world. Good communication between school staff, parents and students is imperative to the quality of education provided by United School of Panama. We strive for open, positive and meaningful communication in everything we do. We support each other in the exchange of ideas and in maintaining an environment where people feel their views are valued and respected and where they feel they have been heard. USP is committed to using communication processes and techniques that aim to build a positive learning environment for students, teachers, staff and parents in order to inspire and educate all students to succeed in becoming productive and valued citizens.

Therefore it is essential that all members of the community consider and incorporate the school values and protocols when communicating information so as to:

  • Preserve the professionalism of the school.
  • Protect the rights of individuals.
  • Uphold our duty of care to students.
  • Reflect the values of USP by being open, honest, ethical and professional.
  • Use the method of communication most effective and appropriate to the context, message and audience.
  • Be compatible with our golden rules and mission statement.

This policy is to ensure that all parents, students, teachers and staff understand the procedure for communicating issues which affect the education of the students. Effective communication enables the school to share aims and values through keeping students, teachers, staff, parents, stakeholders and the wider community well informed.

Respectful, open and timely communication is at the heart of the parent-school relationship. The protocols in this policy will ensure that all community members continue to work together in a positive and respectful manner to ensure the growth and learning of all students. It also outlines the most appropriate and effective methods for parents to communicate with the school and the communication guidelines for staff and students to follow.
From parents, the school seeks timely, honest and complete information about their child. Parents will ensure that the contact information they have provided to the school remains accurate and current.
All communication between the school and parents will be respectful, professional and underpinned by considerations of appropriate privacy and confidentiality principles.


The relationship we have with our parents, is our top priority. Our partnership will help ensure your student is successful in and out of the classroom. Listed below are the tools your school will use to keep you up-to-date, informed and engaged in the day-to-day work of your student.

Administrative office and Academic Coordination

All school administrative and academic school/section wide communication will be sent to parents using the following official channels:

  • Primary channel: SEDUCA – Student Information System
  • WAB (WhatsApp Business) Broadcast
  • School massive e-mail communication system (Mailchimp)


The primary channel of communication with the parent community is SEDUCA. The School sends communication through different means as not all parents may have access to SEDUCA during vacation period or at the very beginning of the SY.

Communication pertinent to a specific student will be conveyed to parents via parent’s e-mail, WhatsApp, phone call or a meeting according to the circumstances.

Parents scheduled informative formal meetings throughout the year:

  • Opportunities to meet with the teacher by appointment.
  • Updates about important developments in the child’s class.
  • Notification of any serious single issue or ongoing issues concerning their child.
  • ECA updates.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback (i.e. through confidential surveys).
  • Parent&Student Handbook.
  • Invitation to a series of important events through the year (i.e. Panamanian Festivities, AM Dose, Chinese New Year, ECA end of semester events, among others.)
  • Schedules
  • School news & Events
  • ECA
  • Attendance information
  • Teachers and administrators contacts
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • Finance information

The primary means of communication between teachers and parents is SEDUCA. Teachers will contact parents through SEDUCA and parents will receive a notification via e-mail. Teachers will follow SEDUCA internal protocols to connect with parents.

All individual school contacts are available to parents through the platform. Parents are encouraged to contact the advisory teacher for specific questions, concerns, information about their son/daughter.

Regular communication parents can expect from teachers – through SEDUCA.


  • Welcome letter from advisory teacher (Beginning of the SY)
  • Weekly progress reports (Every week)
  • Report Cards – end of quarter (End of quarter)


  • Welcome letter from advisory teacher (Beginning of the SY)
  • Daily assignments/Grades/Projects (Every week)
  • Report Cards – end of quarter (End of quarter)

Depending on the situation, an advisory teacher may opt for contacting a parent via the school phone, or request a meeting in person.


Parents have direct access to their balance accounts through SEDUCA. The finance department may contact parents for specific information. If so, parent will receive an e-mail from:


Depending on the circumstances, parents may receive e-mails from other administrative departments:


The school holds emergency contact details for all children on the School Information Management System (SEDUCA) and families are expected to inform the school immediately in the event that contact information needs to be revised.


Families are welcome to contact the school to discuss their child’s progress, ask questions, or to have the opportunity to talk about their child/home issues with their child’s advisory teacher first, then the academic coordinator or specific teams within the school.

Parent Communication Flow Chart

This is a tool to help you know who to contact for the specific issue you are trying to address. We commit to a 24 hour response rate and want you to feel you are connecting with the best person to answer your questions.
Please see the school chart “We are here to help”, which details these lines of communication.