At United School of Panama, we believe that our body, heart, and mind must work in harmony to develop well rounded human beings.  Learning never stops, it goes beyond the classroom.

For this reason, we offer a variety of Extra-Curricular Activities starting at the beginning of the school year to help our students maintain a healthy lifestyle, find their passion, and develop their abilities.

Team sports and group activities help children foster camaraderie and develop lasting friendships from shared experiences.  We also believe these activities promote diversity and inclusion which are core principles we embrace at USP.

We offer the following activities Monday – Thursday from 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM.  After a day full of learning and activities students may go home and enjoy family time.


At USP we promote sports as a fundamental part of our student’s development and growth. We believe that exercise and mental health go hand in hand. We offer a variety of sports activities within our extra-curricular program.  Our modern brand new facilities allow for adequate and open spaces to practice:

– Tennis
– Soccer

USP Extracurricular Activities Sports


At USP we recognize the arts as essential components of a comprehensive education leading to the full development of the individual.  Intro to Art Techniques includes a series of artistic activities that develop creativity, motor skills, and an aesthetic sense in our students.  They have fun as they learn about:

– Painting
– Sculpture & Ceramics
– Drawing & Landscaping
– Crafts


Dance is a natural method of learning, a basic form of cultural expression, and universal language.  The practice of dance as an extracurricular activity is related to higher motivation and physical activity levels in students.  Our students will have fun as they enjoy:

– Ballet
– Modern dance
– Typical dance/Folklore

USP Extracurricular Activities Dance

At USP we encourage our students to participate in activities outside the classroom, thus facilitating a way to make new friends, find new interests, and deepen their social and intellectual growth. They will achieve all this by joining the clubs of:

– Robotics
– Chess
– Book
– Homework Lab


Learning multiple languages opens our children’s minds, gives them better opportunities and access to more resources throughout their lives.

That is why we compliment our trilingual education with two other languages that they can learn additionally in extracurricular activities:

– French
– Portuguese


Musical learning in childhood improves reading, language, mathematics, and academic performance skills in general, also enhancing other areas of our children’s human development.

Based on this, we have music classes within our activities in a program called Intro to music.



Martial Arts are a great sport for children that helps to develop resistance and elasticity, allowing them to set goals and persevere in their achievement. Also, this sport helps them integrate and make friends, teaches them discipline, and encourages self-control.

extra-curricular activities


This schedule is developed only for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. Some changes are expected each semester, depending on the enrolled student groups.