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Nutrition: A learning opportunity
At USP the school cafeteria is more than a place where students eat; it serves as a classroom to learn about healthy choices, food and nutrition. Students will be taught the nutritional value of different foods so that they learn to choose what they eat from our lunchroom which will also include vegetables and fruits.
USP will have meals available for our students with all the necessary nutrients to ensure their overall health.

Our food provider works closely with a nutritionist who will oversee the monthly menus and will guarantee a balanced and nutritious selection of hot lunch and snacks for our students. 

If your child suffers from any food allergies or develop food allergies, please notify the school administration immediately. Our food provider will work with the school nutritionist to offer safe, inclusive options for students with allergies.

The Service
All foods and snacks for students, teachers and staff will be available at school. Students and staff are not allowed to bring any type of food and/or drinks.

The Food & Nutrition Plan at USP consists of: Morning snack + Lunch.
Parents receive a menu every month to pre-order

Our Food Provider: Yaya’s Kitchen

With more than 15 years of experience in the food business and providing services to schools in Panama and in Florida, Chef Nidia Santiago and her team offer high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Meals are prepared daily in Yaya’s Kitchen facilities and transported to USP observing all biosecurity protocols established by MINSA. Yaya’s personnel will accompany us daily to ensure the adequate handling, quality control and freshness of the meals and snacks provided.



Full and correct uniform must be worn every day in and while traveling to and from USP. This also applies to after school activities, school events, and all school trips (unless otherwise instructed).
Due to biosecurity measures, USP will have 1 uniform look for 2022. The uniform will be sold at school (5 set package including socks) and it will consist of:

• USP sport shirt with USP logo
• Sport shorts with USP logo
• White or blue socks
• USP jacket 
Grades 1st-5th
• USP sports polo shirts
• Sport shorts for boys and skorts for girls
• USP Sweatpants
• USP jacket
• USP socks (students may wear regular blue or white socks when wearing the sweatpants)
• USP Backpack



To get your students to school safely and on time, USP recommends private qualified transportation companies for your reference. The contractual service agreement is between parents and providers.

Providers: MISAR Transportes

With more than 15 yeard in the transportation business, MISAR Transportes has vast experience working with international schools and providing a service of excellence to families and students. Their buses comply with a safety, security and biosecurity measures including: Busito Colegial APP (real time location), seatbelts, insurance, first aid kit, uniforms.